arc theatre

This project proposed an unconventional approach to theatre design. The designated site, a narrow alleyway nestled between two buildings on the University of Kentucky's campus, presented a unique design challenge. Inspiration for this theatre stemmed from Lina Bo Bardi's Teatro Oficina, a slender space where the audience walks directly through the performance area, fostering a more immersive experience for viewers.

The physical model is a combination of multiple materials including:
- CNC-machined aluminum for the truss -  "bridge"
- Laser cut masonite and plexiglass
- 3D printed clear PETG, grey PLA
- Concrete formed from molds

The unique location of the theatre played a key role in its design. A primary goal was to bridge the two sides of the alley while maintaining an unobstructed pathway underneath. Preserving this access was crucial for pedestrians and occasional vehicles navigating the somewhat awkward site layout. To further enhance the visitor experience, the main entrance was positioned to face the new pedestrian walkway. This shift prioritizes pedestrians by offering a more welcoming approach lined with greenery, contrasting from the busy atmosphere of South Broadway.

1. Connecting to the newly constructed bike lane 
2. Connecting the North and South points of the alley
3. Allow vehicle and pedestrian traffic to continue