cabin​ of the palisades

The site is located in Salvisa, KY (central KY). This is a local site that fronts the Kentucky river and palisades. This site is about 30 miles from Lexington and is 6 miles away from Shakertown. This property is elevated about 300 feet above the Kentucky river.

The intent of this project was to create a cabin similar in the way of creating a piece of furniture - focusing on parts, design, and function. I composed multiple spaces within the project while also considering architectural construction components and details.

Because of this project I had the ​opportunity to teach a few Revit workshops at the University of Kentucky.

The program includes: 

- Guest basement with a kitchenette, bedroom windows overlooking palisades
- 2 upstairs bedrooms 
- Garden
- Central hearth
- Courtyard with a central tree
- Master bath with window surround 
- ​ A separate guest house provides a library and bedroom, with a unique glass floor viewing a koi pond below.